How it all started.

I was only 6 years old when the wish grew in me, wanting to make music.
So I begged my parents for one year straight to buy me a piano or an organ or at least a keyboard.

It happened when I saw this guy Franz Lambert playing the Wersi organ on TV. It was so fascinating and something clicked in my mind.
I knew I wanted to do this. Exactly this and nothing else.

My parents were worried if I would even go on playing if they buy me “such a thing” how they called it. I was like “No. It’s not just a thing. It’s an organ.”

I was lucky, because one year later they bought me an organ.
Now I started to play every day. Really? No, not really.

And for sure I wanted the biggest one that existed of that series, the Yamaha HS8. The flagship. Which would have looked like that:

Bildergebnis für yamaha hs organ series
Yamaha HS8

Because this looked like one of those Wersi Organs that I had seen on TV.
So I was a little bit disappointed. When I got my organ.

My first Organ

And it looked like this:

Yamaha HS6

What I did first was taking my school book to learn music and put it on the organ. Carefully reading page after page to learn like:
“Where do I have to put my left hand? Where do I have to put my right hand? Which note is where? And what key would I have to press? Is it a black key or a white key? And how long do I have to press it?”

It took me two years to get those basics down. Then my paretns were convinced that I could take some music lessons and they would pay for it.

My First Computer

But it didn’t stop there. When I was 13 I was fascinated with computers as well. So I bought an Amiga, a midi interface and fiddled a bigger harddisk into the device of my computer. I wasn’t very good at building or modifying technical things. Like changing hardware. But somehow I managed to do it.
So you were now able to look into the eyes of a proud little guy that possessed an amiga contains a

– 32 MB RAM (yes, not GB at that time)
– 2 GB internal hard disk
  (yeah, somehow I had managed to rape my computer with a PC hard disk and PC ram. LOL. 😉
– external MIDI interface
– external sampler

Bildergebnis für Amiga 1200
Amiga 1200

This was overkill at that time. And somehow I also got the cables to put it into the computer. I learned C and C++ programming and wrote my first programs that created waveforms and therefore samples I fiddled around with.

My First Composing Tool – Symphony

I got a public domain software program called Symphony.

Amiga 1200 and Symphony

This is not my video by the way, but definitely an Amiga 1200 and Symphony playing music. Yes! Still loving it. Haha. 😀

Here’s something that I played, when I finished school (1996), it’s not complete anymore, because the sample is partly destroyed and cutoff.
But would you have assumed that I played the E-Guitar with an organ? 😉

How my Composing Evolved 

But now it sounds for example like this:

This was when I finally bought my Korg Kronos.
I was in love with the even bigger work station the Oasys but have a look on Amazon: Korg Oasys. It was just too expensive for me at that time.

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