How To Boost Your Song Writing Beyond Limits


Many times we do something we love just to notice that we’d hit a dry spell suddenly. Blockage. It doesn’t go on. What to do next? How can you jumpstart your song writing again and overcome your blockage? 

You’ve experienced it already. Didn’t you? I mean if you’ve been doing this for a while the odds are it’s for sure not new.

It might be even you can still do new things, but it doesn’t inspire you anymore. Or you do something new sounding the same like before.

As well as keeping your style. Like changing all the variables but still staying in your lane. And sometimes this feels like putting yourself into a box.

Let me give you some ideas here, that had helped me.
It’s not necessary that each one will help you. Just select the one that clicks and go from there.

Musical Approaches to Solve the Problem.

  • Do a jam session with someone you don’t know or also with someone you know but does a completely different style of music. This can be the catalyst you’ve been searching for to bring your composition to new heights.
  • Invert your producing process. Do you normally play notes, then search for a sound, after that using program a), b), c)? What about changing the sequence of the programs if possible? Or let’s say try different sounds first instead of starting using the piano as you did. If you did that already, well, just do it vice versa. It’s as easy as that.
  • Exchange the notes with the rhythm. What does it mean? For example on my Korg Kronos, I can just use another instrument that is no drumkit to play the rhythm. But one time it happened the other way round. The notes I wanted to be played were played by the rhythm kit and resulted in an epic drum pattern. No way I could have thought of this that way. I used because I fell immediately in love with it.
  • Use a randomizer. There are some randomizers online to create an instant chord progression. For example this one here by
    Chord Chord because highly likely it creates a chord progression you’d never chosen yourself. 🙂 
  • You got this other program around you’ve never used to compose yet? Yeah, it could be dreading and time-consuming. But who cares if it would be enabling you from being stuck to land a number 1 hit in the Billboard Charts? You think that’s crazy? It’s not. Allow yourself to dream big!
  • If your community is already bigger ask them to send you 1st a style (e.g. latino, rap, trap, techno, trance…), 2nd a most prominent instrument that should play/sing the melody (choir, piano, strings, flutes, erhu…) 3rd the mood it should create. Is it dark? Happy? Dramatic? Romantic? Funny, maybe like in an animated movie?
  • Get a friend who is really into music and you have a good connection with. He or she doesn’t necessarily have to be a real musician. But at least some decent taste of what sounds good. 🙂 Then let your buddy influence your ideas and take the suggestions. See where this gets you.
  • Go to Youtubers that do crazy shit or maybe even build your own instruments. Get creative and collect some ideas by researching youtube.
  • You are one of the laziest guys around you think? Ask a question in a quorum. (question forum. Artificial word. Just created it right now. Haha) Like Quora. Someone will give you an answer. 
  • Just start playing – preferably using an instrument you won’t use normally and play until your mind shuts off totally. You can also switch off the light in your room in addition to that. All your musical devices will most likely generate enough illumination effects.
  • Make voice notes. I got this one from Charlie Puth who does (or did?) a voice tour right now. He uses his phone as a recording tool to create songs from that later on. What a fancy idea. I love it!
  • Do not only use another instrument. Maybe another place is the location for you now to get creative? Go into nature and crush it! 🙂

Hope some of those advices did help you to make your creative juices flow again. If not, go on with the section below.

Because why not hit the problem from every angle? After those more technical approches, let me show you some emotional ones as well.


Emotional Approaches to Solve the Problem.


Remove your emotional blockages by using an EFT Guide.
EFT stands for “Emotional Freedom Tapping”.

Because you may have established some anxiety triggers that always get fired now when you think: Oh no. So little time. And I have to finish soon. I cannot do it! This stresses you out and your creative mind shuts down. EFT can help you to unlock those hidden padlocks to be able to act liberated again.

Watch the video below to know what you can to resolve emotional blockages:

Emotional Release Guide

Do an emotional release guide.
Be fully aware of the emotion(s) you’re feeling right now.
Do not reject or suppress it. Because this is our default what we’ve learned.

And do not label it. See it from now on as a friend. A friend in a bad mood that is somehow more mature and wants to tell you what has to be in order again.

Sit there in silence. Do it if possible in your room or where you feel very comfortable. It’s a place you need where you can be alone and no one is disturbing you for a while. Sit there. Fully present. Think about the situation that makes the emotion appear.

Bring it fully up and present. As strong as possible. Then listen to it. Allow yourself to feel it fully. Don’t push it away. Just concentrate on the sensations. 

This will help you to feel the emotion fully associated with the situation that created it in the first place. Letting it fully arise will let you accept the emotion. At the same time it reduces your resistance. Do not interrupt this process and do it as long as it takes.

Now let’s test if it’s really gone. Try to bring it up again. If you can bring it up again repeat the process described in the previous step. If it’s gone, very well. You got rid of the problem AND the attached emotions as well as all the thoughts linked to it.

When it just got weaker as well do the same thing: Repeat the process described above and you’re good to go. If it’s gone, well done. You’ve got rid of one of the easter eggs you’ve put unwillingly into your whole system.

But don’t see them now as the enemy. Don’t judge those feelings. Because you’ve created them in the first place. And I told you before: See them as friends and teachers that want to help you.

If one emotion is gone, probably you still feel unsure about certain things. Then you can do the same thing with the remaining emotions as well. Until everything is gone.

Listening To Trances.

Another helpful idea is to listening to trances. From what I know, trances are the same like hypnosis, almost. Listening to a trance means you do not lose control over yourself. At anytime you can decide: Stop. I don’t want to continue. 

Some that are very helpful are on Youtubedone by Michael Sealy. Until today I don’t find any better one.

When the emotion gets weaker again and you cannot feel it anymore.

When the emotion gets weaker again and you cannot feel it anymore.

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